Queen of Quarentine – A Quickie

Queen of Quarentine 

The Quarentine has affected my life in more ways than one. You would think that being on lockdown there’s not much that can happen. Not when you’re a QUEEN!!! I was busier in the past few months than I’ve been all year! How did I do that? 

Well. Being off of work allowed me ALOT ( a lot) of free time. Still being compensated allowed me to do a Whole LOT! The first few weeks of Quarentine my creative juices were flowing, I taught myself how to master eye shadow looks. I surprised myself. A day didn’t go by that I didn’t record and post a new makeup look, I would also feature a new product from a local small business ( BUY BLACK)!! I mastered making my shirts and a strategy that worked me – there was a lot of trial error BUT we are almost smooth sailing…. almost. 

I developed new outlines for upcoming projects, I traveled.. yes…Traveled.  Because while businesses were closed- mine was not, and everyone around me continued to work . What a better time then some road trips! I went to several major cities, connected with fellow creatives, interviewed business owners, executed photoshoots, recorded songs and directed videos! And that’s just a hint! 

But the most important thing that happened during Quarentine was falling in love with myself again. The simple self. Not running around trying to burry emotions, not having a heavy work load, not being stressed about the uncontrollables & finally grieving my grandmother. 

I didn’t have the distractions of the outside world- I had myself.

I also decided to leave my longtime partner of 6 years. Because I deserve to be loved the way I want to be loved ( I’ll write about that) … 

long story short… I’m happy and satisfied . Deep down I still have a little bit of anxiety about the unknown. But all in all- my journey to happiness is still

Going as planned . 

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